Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will it take to set up the POS?

The installation process of POS is quick. Once you sign up, Once the system is configured, the installation should not take much time.

3. Does RaaGaaPOS have bar code printing?

Yes, you can generate your own customized bar codes in RaaGaaPOS

5. Do I have to install any other licensed softwares?

RaaGaaPOS is developed using Java. So there is no need for an licensed softwares to be installed in your system as a pre-requisite.

7. Who will take care of entering data into the system?

We can help you enter data for a nominal charge

9. Can RaaGaaPOS be integrated with my existing financial accounting package?

We can do it for a nominal charge

11. Does RaaGaaPOS support multi-store installation?

Yes, RaaGaaPOS supports multi-store installation in cloud/Intranet environment

2. Does RaaGaaPOS support bar code scanning?

Yes, RaaGaaPOS supports bar code scanning

4. Is Bar Code Mandatory?

No, Bar Codes are not mandatory. The system has been designed so that you can operate without bar codes too

6. What kind of support can I expect?

Our customer service representatives will be available Mon – Sat between 9 AM to 7PM.

8. I don’t have an Internet connection. Can I still use RaaGaaPOS?

Yes, you can opt for RaaGaa DesktopPOS which runs on desktops.

10. Can RaaGaaPOS be customized to my specific requirements?

Yes, we can customize RaaGaaPOS to cater to your specific business requirements for a nominal charge

12. Does RaaGaaPOS support a franchisee model of business?

Yes, RaaGaaPOS has been designed to handle a franchisee model of business.

13.How can we contact you?

You can write to us at or call us @ +91-44-26282010 or +919840984402

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